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Marcia Starck is an internationally known Medical Astrologer whose consultation work also includes relationships and Astro-Carto-Graphy. She teaches both Medical Astrology and Mundane Astrology in Santa Fe where she resides. Her online courses are on the web site for Astrology-U. She is the author of 12 books; her latest astrology book is Medical Astrology and Healing for the 21st Century. She is also a poet with several poetry books.

To inquire about services and consultations in general astrology or medical astrology, write to Marcia at Marcia.Starck@gmail.com

Her published books are available through Amazon.com and include the following:

Medical Astrology-Healing for the 21st Century, Key to Holistic Health, Healing with Astrology, The Dark Goddess-Dancing With the Shadow, The Dark God,Women’s Medicine Ways, and Handbook of Natural Therapies.

Her two poetry books are The Turning Wheel and Unraveling the World. Dancing Through Time is a Memoir published in 2010.

Marcia offers the following services:

  • COMPLETE ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS–full analysis of natal chart plus yearly progressions and transits–$175, one hour consultation
  • COMPLETE HEALTH CONSULTATIONS–based on the chart and includes recommended therapies–$175, 1 hour consultation
  • ELECTIONAL CHARTS FOR SURGERIES–$150, 1 hour consultation
  • PROGRESSIONS AND TRANSITS–includes cosmic influences for the coming year. $150, one hour consultation

Contact Marcia at Marcia.Starck@gmail.com

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