Summer Soltice 2019

The summer solstice chart is pretty intense with a Mercury/Mars/node conjunction in Cancer opposite Saturn/Pluto south node in Capricorn; also square Eris in Aries. Perhaps the immigration issue will be big the next few months and there will be serious clashes with governments, especially in the United States. The Saturn Pluto can also indicate the border wall here.

Venus in Gemini is on the MC for Washington trining the Aquarius Moon and opposite Jupiter. All over the world, women are coming into their power. In the United States, in the democratic primaries end of June, there are six women that will be involved with Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris in the forefront.

The abortion issue is big in the US with several states having only one clinic remaining and women having to travel for long distances. Roe vs Wade still remains a controversial issue.

Many advances have been made in LGBT rights all over the world and the ME Too movement has grown in so many countries.

The next three months until the Equinox should be a very powerful and strong time for all countries.

Winter Solstice 2018

The winter solstice occurs at 5:22 Pm  EST in Washington DC. The chart for the solstice has Saturn on an angle in the seventh house and Mercury conjoined Jupiter in the sixth along with the Sun, suggesting perhaps some changes with our health system. On the MC are Mars conjoined Chiron in Pisces and also Neptune suggesting more craziness in the US political system as well as perhaps events with water, flooding and climate change. The Moon in Gemini is in the twelfth house of the chart, so more secret doings in the administration that will come to light in the next three months.

Libra Equinox 2018

As the Sun moves into the tropical sign of Libra (September 22, 2018, 9:54 pm, Washington DC EST), day and night are equal and we have time to reflect on the coming season as days in the northern hemisphere get shorter.  

In the chart for Washington, DC, Sun is conjoined Mercury and opposes Chiron in Aries. It also trines the Mars/south node in Leo and inconjuncts Uranus in early Taurus. There is so much going on in this country now that is disruptive as we enter the fall and winter months.

 Venus in Scorpio trines the Moon so we know that the people (represented by the Moon) feel compassion for the immigrant children taken from their parents, for women who are still being sexually abused and for people of color, as well as transgender people, who are constant objects of prejudice.

Saturn in Capricorn in the eighth house of other people’s money is square the Moon Mercury, which will no doubt impact the financial markets, especially after the mid term elections. Saturn is trine Uranus in Taurus which may help, but Uranus is also square Mars and the nodes, which would suggest instability.

Jupiter in the sixth house trine Neptune and sextile Pluto could be positive for health care issues and keeping the Affordable Care Act. Jupiter also rules the Democratic Party, so there may well be some progressives voted into office; the Democrats could get control of the House of Representatives as well.

It looks like the autumn will be a time of many changes and many challenges so we need to stay aware and active.